Aparat pentru mixarea uleiului emulsionabil cu apa, în vederea obținerii unei emulsii omogene

Mixer Valve for mixing of cutting fluids and other non-corrosive fluids. Very easy to use and very accurate! Made with safety check valve which prevents back flow. With scale for easy adjustment!

Atenție! Valoarea scalei butonului de reglaj nu corespunde cu valoarea concentrației obtinută

Mixer valve made for easy fitting on a drum. Inlet and outlets are made to fit a standard water hose. This mixer valve is distinguished by its outstanding accuracy, which makes it very easy to blend the correct mixture of your cutting fluids and water, and in this way save production costs.

When the mixer is fitted on the drum, simply adjust the hand wheel using the scale to remember the mixture you need. Use the Schnell Teknik refractometer to measure and obtain the optimum concentration. Now open the water and the mixer will do the rest of the work for you – fast, easy and cost efficient. Using the right mixture of cutting fluids will make your tools last longer and you will save cutting fluids, and thereby keep your running cost as low as possible.

Use the Schnell Teknik refactometer to measure the concentraion of your emulsions and obtain the best performance conditions! Right mixture saves costs by improving tool performance!