Oil Skimmer Tip 28

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Professional oil skimmer for removal of surface oils in almost all applications. Max bath temperature 80°C.

*Test de capacitate realizat numai în ulei
**Temperatura maximă în fluide cu pH neutru. Dacă puternic acidă/alcalină, temperatură mai scăzută.
***Pentru alte lungimi de benzi vă rugăm să ne contactați

Oil Skimmer Type 28 is the cheapest, most simple and safest kind of equipment for removing tramp oil from machine tool sumps and surface oil from chemical baths, etc..

The oil skimmer in constructed in stainless steel, and component parts are plastic coated to create enormous resistance to process baths containing acid or alkaline.

To ensure reliability in these tough working conditions, Schnell Teknik has developed a special axis sealing technology that protects the motor and gearbox against the corrosive fumes.

If you consider a small investment to keep your process baths clean, then Oil Skimmer Type 28 is the best choice you could ever make!

All Schnell Teknik Oil Skimmers are manufactured at our plant in Frederikssund, Denmark.