Oil Skimmer Tip 39

pentru băile din mașinile de spălat piese

High quality professional oil skimmer for removing surface and tramp oils. Max. bath. temp. 90°C.

The oil skimmer type 39 is made of electro-polished stainless steel and has a powerful motor/gear unit giving many years reliable operation.

The type 39 is a cheaper alternative to type 28 and type 35 and based on very simple design principles. This model is best for removal of surface oils in process baths, for water-based cleaning machines and ultrasound baths, but are also be considered in many other applications, e.g. condensate from pneumatic systems.

The belt of type 39 is broad and has a unique capacity for retaining oils and solvents. The oil skimmer can also be used in machine tool sumps when very large quantities of tramp oil have to be removed.