Oil Skimmer Tip 56

pentru lichide cu temperaturi înalte, care conțin acizi

Professional all-round oil skimmer with very high capacity in compact design. Ideal for larger oil removal jobs where space is limited. Can work in tough environments such as alkalis and acid. Max. temp. 90ºC.

*Test de capacitate realizat numai în ulei
**Temperatura maximă în fluide cu pH neutru. În puternic acid/alkaline recomandăm păstrarea temeperaturii sub 80°C
***Pentru alte lungimi de benzi vă rugăm să ne contactați

Oil Buster is a compact oil skimmer with a very high capacity which makes it ideal for large industrial baths, washing machines, sumps and pits where large amounts of surface oil must be removed.

The unique design and axle sealing technology allows the skimmer to work in the most difficult places with high temperatures or strong acids/alkalis.

Because of these unique features this skimmer can be used almost anywhere where undesired oils must be removed. Besides from the great features of the skimmer, it is also made in a beautiful design and compact design, which does not only make it look good, but also makes it easy to install.

The skimmer is not just a high capacity skimmer, but a fully balanced tool to make the most efficient oil removal. Type 56 is designed to be as efficient as possible – it will remove your unwanted surface oils – and only the oils! This means the skimmer is, in baths without solvents, capable of removing 99,9% of the surface oils, without picking up any water.

If you need a skimmer to remove large amounts of oil, or if the working conditions are the toughest, this skimmer is the best choice you could make.