Oil Skimmer Tip 62, automat

viteza benzii este proporțională cu cantitatea de ulei din lichid

Schnell Teknik’s industrial oil skimmer for removal of surface oils in a wide range of applications. High capacity in a compact design. The intelligent oil drive in this machines ensures optimum oil removal rate at all times, and thereby with the lowest possible water recovery, reducing disposal costs to a minimum.

Schnell Teknik is proud to present the first intelligent oil skimmer in the world market!.
The oil skimmer is designed so recovery speed is adjusted according to the amount of free floating oil in the liquid. In this way high capacity is ensured when it is needed, and at the same time lowest possible water collection rate, and thereby lowest disposal costs. Operation of the machine is very simple. Controls are illustrated in picture 1.

Our tests has shown that this intelligent oil skimmer collects up to 87% less water than normal oil skimming.
The compact design makes the skimmer easy to install. The machine is built in stainless steel and is constructed to require a minimum of maintenance.

An integrated heat unit (pic. 2) ensures that light fat and grease also can be collected with the skimmer, without any trouble.

Belt is easily exchanged when worn out, and is delivered in the lengths of your wish.
All Schnell Teknik oil skimmers are manufactured at our plant in Frederikssund, Denmark.