Oil Skimmer Tip B

fixare magnetică, bandă 30 mm, pentru emulsie

Semi-professional skimmer for tramp oil removal in tool machinery’s coolant tanks. Max. temperature 40°C. Easy to install!

The Type B oil skimmer is a very compact and efficient oil skimmer and is made from electro polished, stainless materials. The oil skimmer is designed to remove surface oil (tramp oil) from machine tool coolant tanks. It uses 24 VAC power supply for safety and is supplied with a suitable electrical transformer. The powerful magnet enables easy fitting to a convenient location.

All Schnell Teknik Oil Skimmers are manufactured at our plant in Frederikssund, Denmark.

Type B is an alternative to Type A. The skimmers are similar except that Type B is made without the bendable rod which is used on Type A. See the advantage of Type A’s bendable rod in the two small pictures below.

Type A and B are now also available in glass blasted stainless steel.