Oil Skimmer Tip C

fixare magnetică, bandă 60 mm, pentru emulsie

Professional oil skimmer for fast and efficient tramp oil removal. Max. temperature 40ºC. Easy installation and belt replacement.

Type C is a compact and highly efficient oil skimmer. It is made in sand blasted stainless steel, providing it with a modern look. The oil skimmer is suitable for fast removal of unwanted tramp oils in tool machinery coolant tanks, and other cases where unwanted surface oils must be removed.

The only limitation is the pH value. When working in harsh environments such as acid or alkali, type 28 or 56 should be used.

The oil skimmer operates on a safe 24 volt, and is mounted on a powerful magnet. This makes the skimmer very easy to install.

Because of our wide selection of belt lengths, Type C can be used in almost all types of reservoirs.