Refractometru alcool izopropilic, propilenglicol, etilenglicol

Refractometru anti-îngheț

The Schnell Teknik antifreeze refractometer is specially designed for measuring both IPA (2-propanol), Ethyleneglycol and Propyleneglycol – all in same instrument. Displays both mixture concentration and freezing point.

  • Measure all used liquids in heat transfer- and solar systems, using same instrument!.
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to use and calibrate (step-by-step user manual included)
  • The refractometer is delivered in a solid leather case, which contains all necessary equipment for calibration and maintenance.
  • Double joint ensures that the cover plate fits exactly on the main prism.
  • You can use this instrument in normal lightning. Many others require bright sunlight to work well.

Measure both IPA, Ethylene and Propyleneglycol using the same instrument. This product is designed for servicing and setting up heat transfer units. The refractometer is unique to others, since it handles all 3 liquids and displays both freezing point and mixture concentration in percent.

All you have to do is to add a few drops of the liquid to the main prism. Close the cover plate and ensure that the fluid covers the entire prism area. Point the refractometer towards a light source and instantly you will be able to accurately read the value.