Refractometru emulsie de prelucrare

Pentru emulsii/fluide de debitare ale metalelor.

Concentrația emulsiei = factorul de refractometru x indicația refractometrului

The Schnell Teknik brix refractometer is specially designed for use in the metal working industry for measuring the concentration of your emulsions.

  • Specially designed for emulsions, and will show the most accurate result compared to other brix scale instruments.
  • Longer lasting tools
  • Cost saving
  • Easy to use and calibrate (step-by-step user manual included)
  • The refractometer is delivered in a solid leather case, which contains all necessary equipment for calibration and maintenance.
  • Double joint ensures that the cover plate fits exactly on the main prism.
  • You can use this instrument in normal lightning. Many others require bright sunlight to work well.

Save money by achieving optimum working conditions. It is important that your emulsions have the correct concentration. Too low concentration will result in poor lubrication and your tools will wear out faster. Too high concentration results in unnecessary high costs, and the temperature will rise faster.

Our refractometer for emulsions is unique compared to other brix scale refractometers. It is specially designed to measure the concentration of emulsions, and will therefore always give you a correct and accurate result.

All you have to do is to add a few drops of your emulsion liquid to the main prism. Close the cover plate and ensure that the fluid covers the entire prism area. Point the refractometer towards a light source and instantly you will be able to accurately read the value.